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Chapter Chatter – Who’s Who

The problem is clear and the solutions are getting there. ATRA chapters are regaining their relevance as we enter this new stage of industry development. For so many years the “tech” was in the forefront, where it belonged, and still does in many ways. Management is in the mix, too. Shop owners have received information and training that’s helped them stay business focused. Fixing transmissions and running your shop efficiently… what could be better?

Reaching new customers? We’ve been there too. The ATRA website attracts over 20,000 unique visitors every month. They’re people looking for information, advice, and a place they can take their car when they have a transmission problem. A place they can trust!

But now, as we’ve discussed over the past few months, we may face the most challenging task of all: finding people that want to enter this field and carry the torch as the experienced technicians who’ve built this great industry over the past 40 or 50 years begin to retire. It’s a daunting task, but not insurmountable.trade school map

As you may have heard before, take the first step, do something, develop a plan, and then refine it. ATRA is taking the lead in this area, and with the help from your local ATRA chapter there’s a plan underway. Over the next several months, we’ll discuss the progress we’re making and how you can help to secure a successful outcome.

The listing here shows the areas of the United States and Canada, along with the local chapters, each with their chapter president and contact information. Pick up the phone, write an e-mail or join a chapter Facebook group. You’ll be glad you did.

If you aren’t in a represented area, give ATRA a call and form a local chapter. It’s time for all hands on deck.

atra chapters list atra chapters list