There’s More to GEARS Online…

If GEARS Online were only an internet-based version of our magazine, it would have been enough. Let’s face it: Award-winning content and design all targeted to your business needs… what more could anyone want?

But it just wasn’t enough for us. So we came up with some valuable extra features to provide you with even more services and content. Such as our pressure calculator: Just enter the variables and you have the pressures created, based on spring weight and valve land size.

Or our orifice calculator: Enter the pressure variables and you can discover how changing the orifice size will affect shift feel. Or maybe you need to calculate gear ratio. No problem: Just count the teeth and enter the number into our gear ratios calculators to determine the exact ratio you’re working with.

And don’t miss our new “I Saw It at the Show” page, where you can take a second look at the latest and greatest products and services that knocked your socks off at Expo.

Sure, great articles and content might be enough for some folks. But at GEARS Online, it’s only the beginning!