Other Articles - December - 2020

Growing Pains: Transmission Brotherhood Elects New Leadership Team

In the last issue of GEARS (Oct/ Nov 2020), I wrote a tribute article on John John Myers, founder of the popular Transmission Brotherhood Facebook group. In the article, I mentioned Don Stone as the co-founder of the group. That was not accurate. Since its inception, Don has been and continues to be an active and loyal supporter of the “Brotherhood.” He’s even been involved in selling t-shirts and other merchandise to help promote the group, but he was not the co-founder.

After the article’s publication, it became clear to most of the group administrators (25 in all) that new leadership was needed to fill the void left by Myers. Big shoes that would never be truly filled, yet a necessary task to complete for the group’s future success.

As is often the case with unanticipated leadership changes, there were mixed feelings among the admin group members regarding what things would look like going forward. In the absence of a transition plan, the group sought consensus. However, some wanted to preserve things as they’ve been while others wanted to consider some new ideas. Feelings were inevitably hurt as opinions differed on what John John would have wanted moving forward. Originally the group’s members were mostly transmission rebuilders, but as time progressed owner/rebuilders started to join, as well as technical representatives and a small number of sales people from various companies came into the mix. The question became what would be their level of participation and influence? Questions like these and others were discussed as the group’s admins wrestled with determining the path forward.

The administrators for the group decided to deal with the ever-increasing growing pains by creating new leadership. They decided to vote on a slate of candidates, forming a leadership team to guide the direction of the “Brotherhood.” By a unanimous vote, the following members were elected to hold leadership positions for the Transmission Brotherhood.

Introducing the Leadership Team:

  • Chairman: Mike Ware of Trans-Ware Transmission Ltd. in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
  • Vice-Chairman: Pepe Torres of Aus Tex Transmission in Round Rock, Texas
  • Secretary: Joe Cover of Abercrombie Transmission in Douglasville, Georgia
  • Treasurer: Lori Stone of AA Quality Transmission in Stuart, Florida

Along with the leadership team and the 25 other hard-working members of the admin team, Mike believes in what John John created and wants to do his part to keep this extraordinary collection of transmission brothers and sisters going strong into the future. Ware is a 30-year veteran of the transmission rebuilding industry and has seen his fair share of change. Being able to adapt to uncertainty is not new to transmission shop owners and builders. That experience should serve Mike well in his new position.

Shortly after his selection as Chairman, Ware stated, “Rebuilders helping rebuilders and always free of charge was the cornerstone of the group’s foundation, and it needs to be our focus moving forward.” He added, “There are many different facets of our industry: builders, owners, suppliers, and others. There’s room for all of them within the ‘Brotherhood.’ We have rules in place to keep our respective interests in balance. We allow no more than 5 members per supplier company, and advertising is only allowed one day of the week. We are also strict on not allowing job recruiting on the page.” Mike continued, “We also have different pages that have spun off from the group: one for R&R, one for the sisterhood of office staff, one for tuners and a Torque converter brotherhood, as John was also a proficient torque converter rebuilder as well.”

The leadership team is hesitant to get overly regulated with too many rules that would, in their opinion, deviate from John John’s original vision for the “Brotherhood.”

Mike added a final thought, “The group has always been about people helping people. I remember listening to Terry Greenhut years ago. Terry said, ‘We’re not in the transmission fixing business; we’re in the people fixing business.’ I believe that’s what the Brotherhood does – it helps the industry and helps rebuilders knowing that they have the entire Brotherhood behind them when a technical issue or problem arises.”

Speaking on behalf of GEARS Magazine, I think John John would whole-heartedly agree. Congratulations and good luck to the newly elected Transmission Brotherhood leadership team. By all accounts, it appears that the group is in good hands.