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Time to Start Making Your Plans to Attend Expo 2018 in Las Vegas!

It’s time once again to mark your calendar and save the date for Expo 2018. This year marks the return to Bally’s: Expo will be October 31st through November 3rd at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, right near the southern edge of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

If you already went over to your calendar to mark those dates, you probably noticed something different: This year Expo will run from Wednesday through Saturday; a new layout for a new program. The object of the change was to eliminate the crossover between the trade show and the seminars, so everyone could attend the seminars without missing out on a single minute on the trade show floor.

What’s more, we moved everything up a day, to allow Expo to end on Saturday. That way you have all day Sunday to make your way home for work on Monday morning, all without cutting into any of those valuable training and events you look forward to each year.

That’s pretty cool, but it’s just a start. Another change to the schedule is that, right after the Saturday seminars wind up, ATRA will be hosting a show wrap reception, to give everyone a chance to unwind and discuss what they’ve learned over the last four days. It’s about ending the event on a high note, and from the looks of things, nothing could be higher.

So what can you expect in the seminars? On the tech side, expect the very latest technology and training to bring your shop up to date on the issues you’re seeing now… from the longtime, hard-fought problems that are continually hammering your staff, to the very latest ones that are just making their way to your door.

And we’re not just talking transmissions. These days, more and more of your shop time is being overrun with driveability issues and electrical system problems. Your staff needs to be up to date on these systems, to keep your shop profitable in the years ahead.

That’s why ATRA has recruited dozens of technical specialists, from a variety of disciplines, to help you get a firm grasp on the technical aspects of the control systems and components that affect driveability and transmission operation.

Of course, there’ll also be classes on some of the more advanced transmissions that are already making their way into your shop, including GM’s AF50, the Mercedes 7G-DCT, and the ZF Mechatronic control system.

There’ll also be a program on reprogramming, and a few on electrical diagnosis. Some of the classes will even be hands-on, for those of you who like to get elbow deep in your studies.

And this year, less is more. To avoid the rush, ATRA has scheduled fewer, carefully selected programs designed to cover all the most trying systems to face today’s technicians. Then they expanded those classes, to make sure the instructors have the time to provide everything your team needs to become well versed in the latest technology. It’s a win-win for you and your staff!

On the management side of Expo, we’ve divided the program into four discrete seminar events… one for each day of the week. Wednesday, we start out with a couple familiar faces: ATRA CEO Dennis Madden and GEARS Managing Editor Rodger Bland.

They’ve spent the last several months working on a new focus group study, to compare the view of the industry to the opinions we faced 10 years ago, when the What’s Working program began. As you’ll quickly discover, the industry and its perceptions are changing on almost a daily basis.

On Thursday, we’re going down into the trenches, to hear from actual shop owners who are making it work in a big way. We’ll hear from Maryanne Croce, Mario Jauregui, and John Braconnier. They’ll show you how they’re making it work, and give you some ideas on how to take advantage of their discoveries.

Friday we’ll look back to industry’s view, with talks from longtime Expo favorites Maylon Newton and Danny Sanchez. What you hear from them may surprise you. Finally, on Saturday, we’ll close things out with marketing and leadership seminars from Larry Mersereau and Ron Hurst.

Then it’s off to the show wrap reception, where you’ll get to discuss everything you’ve learned with a vast array of like-minded folks from every walk of life — your contemporaries in the transmission repair industry.

There’s no doubt about it, If you’re truly serious about your future in the transmission repair industry, this is one Expo you won’t want to miss. So don’t wait, mark your calendar right away for October 31st through November 3rd, and start making your plans to attend this year’s Expo, at the Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, right at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. And we’ll be looking for you in Vegas!