Other Articles - March - 2021

Industry Mourns the Loss of Dr. Phillip Landis

The scientist who invented Lubegard’s Liquid Wax Ester molecule has passed. Dr. Phillip Landis died at his home in Sedona Arizona on February 4th. He was 98 years old.

Landis began his career with Mobile Research and Development, initially involved in lubricant additives and catalyst. He managed Mobile’s Applied Research Group in Paulsboro, NJ for fifteen years where he oversaw the development of Mobile 1 Oil. During his lifetime, Dr. Landis was awarded over 70 U.S. patents and he published more than fifty technical papers.

In 1986 he began a second career with International Lubricants, Inc., where he invented many ingredients and additives to be marketed under the Lubegard brand name known throughout the industry.

Dr. Landis is survived by his wife, Cornelia.