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Come Visit the Superior Technical Seminar at Bally’s Las Vegas ATRA Powertrain EXPO 2021 LIVE in Person


Come visit the Superior Technical Seminar at Bally’s Las Vegas ATRA Powertrain EXPO 2021 LIVE in person.

We welcome you and yours, to come attend and enjoy our “Live, and in person” Superior Technical Seminar on October 14th with Robert “Bob” White, GSM Superior Transmission Parts Inc., and Jim “JB” Brookshire, R&D Specialist/Hotline Tech with Special Guest Dean Mason, of TransLab Engineered® by Superior.

The Superior TechTeam™ will present Dodge HP8 cooler bypass principals and updates to the GM 10L/ FORD 10R series units with empty blocks AND internal pellets. We will show you how to identify the blocks and how the thermal pellets degrade and jam or stick and why there is a need for modifications. We’ll show you how to KEEP THE BYPASS WORKING AND OPEN making it NOW “Dynamically” Active vs. Static (via a thermal pellet).

We will touch on the Sure~Cool® system updates and new patented and patent-pending Cooler Bypass System Technology from TransLab Engineered® by Superior. We will cover the 6L80/8L90/10L90 and the 6R60-6R80 and some new 10R as well as the 5R110W unit updates, the DOD PWM TCC 4L60E/65E/70E isolator valve for AFM / DOD that alleviates the “chuggle” feel on TCC apply and retro’ s all years to one Simple, Superior Solutions ® kit.

PLUS, we will even have a few surprises to give away and will have an open dialog session of “Adventures in Transmission” With Bob, Jim and Dean…taking your LIVE questions and giving you real world answers, Live and in person… on the spot, some from the hot line too.

The seminar will last an hour and a half since we haven’t seen everyone NOW going on 2 years… I’m sure the Q&A session will be the most active. And remember WE MISSED YOU ALL AND LOOK FORWARD to ALL of US returning… finally to go LIVE!!! See you at 9:45 am! Thursday the 14th of October! ~ 2021