John Anderson
You Can Make It Happen, Create Your Smart Exit
You get things done. You make things happen. You figure it out and solve problems every day and you’ve been amazing people for years. You diagnose problems, fix transmissions, and much more. You’ve successfully operated a small business. You’ve helped many, many customers. You’ve managed employees, paid bills and taxes, and most of the time […]

Value Is a Function of Growing Assets with Manageable, Declining Risk
The next step in preparing for a smart exit from your business, by determining and helping enhance your shop’s value.

Keep the Shop Clean and Humming - Make it Ready to Sell and Fun to Run
We all know that it’s the shop owner’s job to keep customers and staff happy, the tools working, and the shop organized. A well-managed, clean shop is fun to operate and ready to go if you get an offer you can’t refuse. This series outlines steps to make your shop “presentable.” Get it ready, and […]

Who Might Buy My Shop?
All business owners want to know, “What’s my business worth?” But different buyers will put different values on your shop: Family Employee Ambitious Rebuilder Competitor Investor Strategic Buyer It’s because they want different things. Family, an employee, or a non-employee rebuilder all want to operate and build your business over time. Owning and being involved […]

What's My Business Worth?
When trying to sell their businesses, one of the first questions all business owners ask is, “What’s my business worth?” Knowing your business’s street value is important. Not what you think it’s worth, but an objective dollar amount based upon sound valuation principles. The value of a business is more dynamic than that of a […]

The Best Way Out
Benjamin Franklin once famously pointed out that nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. But for shop owners, there may be another certainty to consider: the day when you decide it’s time to move on… to take the next step in your life. For some, moving on will be an emotional decision: You’ve […]