Bill Brayton
It's a Backyard Party, Special Guests Include the new 10-Speed Solenoids
The call has gone out by the government to increase fuel mileage, and the automotive industry designers have answered. First, it was lock-up converters. Then it was 4-speed overdriven transmissions. Next came the 5, 6, 7, 8, and even 9 speeds. Now, in search of better fuel economy, we have a strong set of 10 […]

The New 10R140
In 2020, Ford motor company introduced the 10R140 ten speed automatic transmission for the Super Duty F-series trucks all the way up to the F-600. This unit will come behind the 6.2L 16V gas, 7.3L 2V gas and the 6.7L diesel engines. In this edition of Fun With Transmissions we’re going to introduce this unit […]

The 68RFE Gets an Auxiliary Valve Body
The 68RFE came out in 2007 and typically came behind the large gas V-8’s and the large diesel engine applications and have been modified with aftermarket parts from the beginning. We all know that these motors are capable of putting out all kinds of crazy horsepower and torque. Fast forward to 2019. Dodge/Ram is making […]

Ford's 6F35 Auto Start-Stop Function and Repair
Auto start-stop systems have been around for a while now and they are coming out of the warranty period and showing up in our shops now. In this issue of Fun With Transmissions, we are going to check out the 2017 & up Ford Escape with the auto start-stop system. We’ll look at the pump’s […]

A Compound Solution
The 62TE has been around since 2007. In this edition of Fun With Transmissions, we are going to check out the 62TE compounder unit. We’ll look at how it works and some of the things we need to pay attention to when we are rebuilding the unit. The concept was to take the 41TE (4 […]

Ford's New 8 Speed
In this edition of Fun with Transmissions we’re going to check out the new 8F35 from Ford Motor Company (figure 1). We’ll take a look at some interesting features like the hydraulically actuated sprag and many other points that make this a unique unit. As with several other transmissions, Ford and GM have collaborated on […]

There's a New 9 Speed On The Block
Fun With Transmissions featured image
In this edition of Fun with Transmissions we’re going to check out the new 9T50 from General Motors (figure 1). We’ll take a look at some interesting features like the hydraulically actuated sprag and many other points that make this a unique unit. As with several other transmissions, GM and Ford have collaborated on the […]

Ford's Latest Torque Converter Has Things a Bit Backward
Fun With Transmissions featured image
Over the years, torque converters have come in many shapes and sizes. From the huge, bolt-together cast iron powerglide converters (anyone beside me remember those?) to the small Dodge 845RE multidisc converter found behind the 3.7L Pentastar motor. The new Ford 10-speed that comes in the 2017-up F-150s and Mustangs has a converter that falls […]

Where Did The Front Pump Go on Ford's New 10R80 10-Speed Trans?
Fun With Transmissions featured image
For many years, the front pump in all automatic transmissions has been in the front behind the front seal, which the engine drives via the torque converter. But why call it the front pump and not just the pump? That’s because, back in the ’50s, many transmissions had pumps in the back of the transmission, […]

The FW6A-EL: Mazda Does It In-House and My Daily Driver
The new Mazda FWD 6-speed comes in the following vehicles: 2012–present — Mazda 2.0L–2.5L 2014–present — Mazda 6 2.5L 2013 — Mazda CX-5 2.0L–2.5L In this edition of Fun with Transmissions, we’ll check out the in-house designed-and-built Mazda FW6A-EL. The newly developed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transaxle with cable operation, six forward gears, one reverse gear, and […]

Transmissions 101: Analyzing the Valves
In the December 2016 issue of GEARS Magazine, we learned about the three different types of valves used in all automatic transmissions: regulator valves, switch valves, and servo valves. We also discussed switch valves that can be pulsed on and off by the computer to regulate pressure. Now, armed with that knowledge, let’s check out […]

The 845RE: Internally Speaking
The procedure for disassembling the 845RE is relatively simple, if you’re familiar with the tricks and special tools necessary. Covers the tools you’ll need and the best procedures for pulling this unit apart without damaging the components.

The A5HF1: What's It All About?
The A5HF1 has been on the road for some time now and there really isn’t a lot of tech info available for it. This unit appears in 2006–up Hyundai and 2006–up Kia models (figure 1). The transmission may look familiar because it closely resembles the F5A51 found in Mitsubishi vehicles. In this edition of Fun […]

Ford Torqshift Delayed Engagements and Bindups
One of the more popular Ford transmissions these days is the Torshift. It’s a solid, dependable unit that’s been around for a while, making it one that you’re likely to see in your shop. As  dependable as it is, there are a couple problems that have become fairly common on the Torqshift: Delayed engagements Bindups […]

845RE: 8 Speeds From Just 4 Planets!
The 845RE started life as a ZF8HP45, designed by ZF in Germany. Chrysler bought the license for the design and began building the 845RE at its Kokomo, Indiana plant. First appearing in 2013, the 845RE is standard equipment in the Grand Cherokee, Charger/ Challenger, Ram1500, and Durango. All of these models use the 3.6L Pentastar […]

Transmissions 101: Understanding Valve Types
This past October, ATRA was in Las Vegas for the 2016 Powertrain Expo. This year, ATRA presented a series of seminars titled Transmissions 101. The Saturday series started with R&R 101 then to Diagnostics 101 and finished with Transmissions 101. This series was aimed at entry level technicians who are new to the industry. What […]

The 6F35N: Checking the Internals and Problem Spots to Watch
The 6F35N is standard equipment for a ton of small engine Ford products and they are starting to hit shops across the country. We have identified a few problem areas from the valve body, which we knew about a long time ago to the recently released updated center support (thanks Joey Campbell for the heads up). […]

Checking the Fluid: Is It that Big of a Deal?
Winter has past and all eyes are looking toward the changing seasons, the days getting longer, and summertime adventures. Your customers depend on you to take care of their vehicles so they don’t have worry about their cars when they’re away on a trip. Summer is fast approaching and your customers, just like you, are […]

Fun With Transmissions: New Honda/Acura 6-Speed Gets a New Style Converter Clutch
Most transmission shops don’t have the facilities to cut open a converter to see what’s going on in there. There’s the odd occasion when you send a converter out to get it cut open so the whole shop can see what’s going on and perhaps understand the mystery of the converter clutch better, but that’s […]

Chrysler's 948TE Goes to the Dogs... But in a Good Way!
We’ve been talking a lot lately about the new, 9-speed offering from Chrysler: the 948TE. Back in the May, 2015 issue of GEARS Magazine, Mike Souza explained how the A and F dog clutches worked inside this unit. In this edition of Fun with Transmissions, we’re going to check out how the A and F […]