Article Submission Guidelines

Want to submit an article for publication in GEARS? Here are a few guidelines you need to consider:

  1. Submit your article as an attachment to: Make sure you include your name, contact information, and a brief explanation of what your article is about.
  2. Any article submitted must be your own original material. Any quoted material must be clearly acknowledged.
  3. Articles should be between about 750 and 1500 words unless otherwise discussed with the GEARS editorial staff.
  4. All submissions should be saved in a standard document format, including doc, docx, txt, or rtf. Please don’t send files in a proprietary format.
  5. Photos or artwork should be at least 300 dpi, in jpg, tif, bmp, gif, psd, eps, or other common, editable graphic format.
  6. All articles will be edited by GEARS’ editorial staff to meet the standards set forth by the Associated Press style guide. Edited articles won’t be returned for review before publishing.
  7. All articles submitted are licensed to GEARS for publication and indexing in the GEARS article database. No payment will be made unless otherwise agreed upon by the GEARS managing editor in writing.
  8. As the article’s writer, you’ll receive a byline in GEARS and a short bio paragraph explaining your background and credentials. If you’re uncomfortable writing your article yourself, contact us: We’ll evaluate your idea, and if we’re interested, we’ll provide a ghost writer to write your article on your behalf.