Success Strategies - October/November - 2021

Our Changing World

During the 1960s and 70s, there was a radio program called Our Changing World, featuring Earl Nightingale, “The Dean of Personal Motivation.” He was on more than 900 radio stations worldwide. I heard him one day in 1972 and was so inspired by his message that I set about to change my life, and I did. Millions of others were similarly inspired by him.

Today we’re all living in a “Changing World.” The scope and pace of change can take your breath away. Just look at 2021 versus 2019, and you gasp at the amount of change. Much of it is disturbing, and yet some of it is wonderful.

  • People have mastered online communication via Zoom and its alternates. This means that more of us can connect more effectively than before. Young children and seniors, too, not just school kids and young adults.
  • Businesses have re-evaluated their critical operations and eliminated many low-value functions. Unproductive employees have been laid off and positions eliminated.
  • Dormant inventories have begun to be used again.
  • New ways to do old things have been developed, and routine expenditures have been re-evaluated to reduce overhead.
  • The entire nation has become more health-conscious than ever. Personal hygiene is at a new high.
  • People have developed new personal health habits and work routines.
  • Protocols of the past like formal wear, ceremonial activities, and office hours have been changed.
  • Business functions that used to require an on-site worker have been outsourced, and more services are now accessible remotely.
  • Traditional events like school graduations have been re-thought and made to be even more effective and enjoyable.
  • Note: At a recent California Lutheran University graduation ceremony, the venue was changed from the school campus to a nearby Drive-:In Movie lot. They had four screens on which they projected the ceremonies. Families encircled the stage with their cars. Others brought folding chairs and coolers, like a tailgate event. Students went on stage at their turns, and all present seemed to enjoy it even more than the more formal ceremonies of the past. There was even an airplane fly-over with a congratulations banner.


  • Cars are back on the road. Rush hour is a thing again. Transmissions need repair, and people must take immediate action instead of waiting.
  • Employees have learned to work from home, and some of your office hours can be eliminated.
  • Some of the tasks your employees did in the past can now be easily outsourced at less cost.
  • Apps like have become the new Facebook or Yellow Pages, allowing you to quickly and easily reach nearby customers who need your services.
  • You’ve had time to restructure your payroll, inventory, subscriptions, supplier sources, delivery schedules, and even some work functions to save time, effort, and money.

Yes, our world is changing fast, and opportunity is everywhere. Let this be a time of rebirth and optimism for you. Make your world better. Be the source of optimism and hope that others need.