Jim Cathcart
Jim Cathcart is a Hall of Fame professional speaker, a sales consultant, a strategic advisor to ATRA, and a regular contributor to GEARS. You may reach him at Cathcart.com or send him a message through GEARS. See his 110 video lessons for free at Thrive15.com/acorn.
Quality Time
“It’s not the Quantity of Time you spend with someone. What counts most is the Quality of Time with them.” This popular myth has been communicated for decades without much challenge – until today. I hereby register my formal complaint as to the accuracy or usefulness of that claim. Before you get concerned over my […]

Tell Your Stories!
“What do you do?” That’s the most common “getting to know you” question in America. Just about equal to “Where are you from?” The odd thing is, though all of us get these questions throughout our lives, we seldom have a really good answer for them. Hmmm. Seems we’d be better prepared, doesn’t it? ELEVATOR […]

Heartbreaking News and a BFO
For 18 blissful years, I’ve been a member of the “Heartbreak Hiking Fools.” This is a group of over-55-year-old fitness enthusiasts based in Thousand Oaks, California. Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, we meet at a trailhead and go on a 6-mile roundtrip hike to one of many peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Our regimen […]

Agreement vs. Commitment
An agreement is a contract for mutual benefit – I get something, you get something. It also states any limits to the mutually agreed terms and conditions. We agree to do and/or not do certain things, and that’s the extent of the contract. Anything beyond the scope of the agreement is not part of the […]

How's that Working for You?
“Dr. Phil” McGraw is famous for asking his TV show guests what they’re doing about a particular problem in their life. Then when he hears their reply, he asks, “How’s that working for you?” That’s his way of illuminating that the approach they’ve persisted in taking is not working. Do you ever feel like that? […]

Struggles, "More Please!"
If I don’t struggle, I won’t improve. As I sat at the big round dining table with my Chinese hosts in Shanghai a few years ago, I struggled with my chopsticks. The restaurants would often bring silverware to Western guests, but I’d wave it off and insist on chopsticks. In China, the food is served […]

How to Make Important Decisions
Is it time to move to a new location? A new state? Who should I vote for – the person or the positions? Should I hire or replace some people soon? Am I having fun yet? In the wake of COVID-19, many of you are considering new strategies and other significant life decisions. Consequently, I’ve […]

A Time to Think... and Re-Think, Strategic Choices and Critical Decisions
“I think I’ll have myself a beer!” For many of us, this is a great way to end a day or start a barbecue or celebrate a workout, but, hang on a second before you pop that top. This could be a Critical Decision. Are you about to get in your car and drive your […]

Start Up Again
We recently became “reverse Okies.” In the depression era, Okies were the people who fled the “Dust Bowl” of Oklahoma’s drought and headed to California for the weather and better opportunities. You may have seen the movie or read the book Grapes of Wrath. It provides a graphic explanation of the motives and challenges experienced […]

The Virtual Era
One day, when my grandfather, Clarence Earl Cathcart, Sr. was courting my grandmother, he rode by her house, standing on two horses, riding them in tandem down the road. I guess he was a show-off sometimes like I am now. Earl Senior grew up at the end of the Agricultural Era. Even though he worked […]

Hold a Grand Re-Opening
As our country begins the process of re-opening, holding a Grand Re- Opening for your business is worth considering. Think like a start-up business. Maybe it’s time the world becomes familiar with your business. Make your business great again! Start with the assumption that today is the first day of your new business. How are […]

Team Meetings: A Necessary Evil?
In our current business climate, clear and timely communication could be a matter of life and death. Meetings, whether in a group setting or by web conferencing, maybe the most efficient way to communicate information to your team in the shortest amount of time. However, meetings are among the most despised events in the business […]

Creativity: Get Outside Your Own Point-of-View
She came back again and said, “There’s still a problem that happens around 60 miles per hour.” You’ve already checked the transmission three times. All tests provide a clean bill of health, but the customer still complains. Your best technicians have looked at it and found nothing. Maybe it’s time for a little creativity. Perhaps […]

Halif - What Do We Have In Common?
On a recent lecture tour in Malaysia, I met a “busker”, a street performer who was working in hopes of tips. This man was disabled and had an artificial leg. He was sitting on the dirty pavement and playing an old weathered guitar as he did his best to sing popular tunes, many of them […]

2020 Vision
I predict that journalists everywhere will soon be writing articles about “2020 Vision.” It’s just so convenient to think about the year as a metaphor for “perfect vision.” What this means to you is the calendar can become your daily reminder to see what you most need to see. For instance, here are some things […]

Locus of Control
“Why doesn’t that guy just do what needs to be done? He always waits for me to say something!” Yep, that’s the case, exactly. Some people need a stimulus from others, while some provide the stimulus on their own. A popular concept in psychology is “locus of control.” It refers to where the controlling energy […]

The person who only knows how, may have a job, but the person who understands why, will do it better. “Why?” is a question that can only be adequately answered with a statement of purpose. Asking “Why do we do this?” is the same as asking, “What’s the purpose of doing this?” Most people don’t […]

Customers Aren't Always Right
Rule #1: The Customer Is Always Right. Rule #2: When the Customer Is Wrong, Read Rule #1. OK, that’s clever, and it’s a good philosophy for running a customer-oriented shop. But what if the customer really is wrong? We’ve seen lots of occasions where the service advisor convinces the customer that their problem was with […]

If Only They Had Told Me
If only they had told me featured image
W hen people don’t know what’s going on, they often assume the worst. For 16 years, I drove a delightful little 2003 Thunderbird, but at 142,000 miles, and it was becoming a less appealing investment. I listed it for sale, and a buyer took one test ride and bought it from me that same day. […]

What's The Point... Of View?
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Brad pulled into the service bay and said, “The noise is back!” Our faces dropped as we all knew that this third service was going to be mostly a waste of time. Brad was known to be a complainer. He could find a cloud on any sunny day. Last time he was in, there was, […]