Success Strategies - May - 2019

Ambition: Kick It Up A Notch

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What is the current setting of your ambition?

Are you eager to grow your business? How much? Is there a point where it would grow too much to suit your tastes? How about too little? What’s the set point where “that’s enough” to you?

Everyone has what I call their personal velocity. It’s a combination of their patterns of energy and drive. Some folks have high velocity, most have moderate velocity, and some have lower velocity.

Personal velocity settings don’t change much once we’re adults. Luckily, the world is made up of work that doesn’t require much velocity to get it done. In fact, the vast majority of tasks are just moving things — information or goods or people — from one location or position to another.

Think about it: How much of your day is spent driving, delivering, transporting, sending, receiving, sorting, stacking, exchanging, filing, informing, or adding information to forms or reports, etc.? Most! Agreed?

Most tasks are relatively simple. People with lower velocity can get by just fine without ever feeling overwhelmed by their goals or duties. Time and task management skills serve them quite well. When they want to improve, they can simply become more efficient at what they can already do.

ATRA and GEARS regularly publish systems and best practices that anyone can use to improve their results. So reach for more. You can handle it.

The more personal velocity one has, the more ambitious they are. They love to set goals, take on new challenges, dream bigger dreams, and seek more opportunity. That also means that they must acquire new skills, develop new abilities, and embrace new and different ways of thinking.

The size of your ambition tells you how much you’re probably going to have to grow.

If your goal is to acquire china (for your dining room), then not much change is required from you. But if your goal is to acquire China (the country), then you’d better be willing to radically alter your life to achieve it!

Again I ask, how much do you want to grow your business?

If you’re a high velocity type like me, then you’re never quite satisfied as long as there’s another hill to climb or goal to achieve. Your satisfaction comes from the pursuit, not just the achievement. And there’s no such thing as “enough.” That means we need to be in a perpetual state of improvement… self improvement and business improvement. ATRA is a perfect resource for high velocity folks because they’re similarly dedicated to pursuing the elusive “best” ways to do everything.

Most people are of moderate velocity. They love to grow and achieve, while they also enjoy the routine of a good system and a steady business flow. If things are going great, they rarely rock the boat.

The trap in this is that too much comfort today leads to discomfort later. We all need to be sending a piece of today’s efforts forward to seek tomorrow’s opportunities. Those who aren’t constantly seeking new business will soon find that business is drying up.

That’s why the ATRA training programs are offered year round. Expo once a year isn’t enough to keep us learning and growing at the pace we need. There must be regular and periodic booster shots to keep us at our best.

Likewise, GEARS is your reliable resource for insights, inspiration, new information, and entertaining words from old friends. Make a habit of reading each magazine, from cover to cover. With 10 issues a year and a huge energy infusion at Expo, you’ll be set to grow at the pace that works best for you, and to do so all year long!

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to bring you new ideas and stories each month. I consider ATRA and the auto aftermarket family that reads GEARS to be my extended business family. May your velocity flow for as long as you breathe. Thanks for reading!

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is a long-time contributor to GEARS and one of the most award-winning speakers and authors in the business world. His web site,, is filled with free videos and resources to help grow your business. Contact him at or call 805- 777-3477.