Rostra Adds 13 OEM/S Solenoids & Modules

Sonnax Transmission Company is excited to announce the addition of 13 solenoids and modules to the Rostra Powertrain Controls product group. The company secured these SKUs in an agreement to succeed BorgWarner as the distributor of their OE solenoid supplier.

You and your customers have long enjoyed the benefits of these 4- and 6-speed OEM/S parts as marketed under the BorgWarner brand. Moving forward these same products will be sold and marketed under the Rostra Powertrain Controls brand.

This distribution program represents an important opportunity to support the Sonnax Transmission Company mission: to be the leader in bringing innovative, high-quality drivetrain components to the automotive aftermarket.

Look for the “OEM/S Part Supplied by Rostra” icon online at  and on packaging to identify authentic OEM/S parts supplied by Rostra and contact your distributor today!