Congratulations to Luis Alvarado for his Master Certified Accomplishment!

Luis Alvarado, ATRA Master Certified

Luis Alvarado recently completed his ATRA Masters Program and received his Master Certified Plaque. ATRA recently contacted Luis to find out more about him. See below:

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE TRANSMISSION INDUSTRY?: I started in 1990 at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Costa Rica, 10 years later with my brother Javier, we continued with our father’s family business, an automotive workshop and we transformed it in a business directed exclusively to the repair and sale of spare parts for automatic transmissions.

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO WORK ON TRANSMISSIONS?: My first repair was a Mercedes 722.4. I think the passion I felt captivated me. Today, I still feel great satisfaction, especially due to its complexity and the challenge it represents for me.

POSITION: General Manager of Autotronica Star, repair, diagnosis and collaborator of my employees.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Field tennis & gym.

FAVORITE TRANSMISSION TO WORK ON OR OTHER FAVORITE THINGS : 722.6, 722.9 and Zf6hp26, Vehicle diagnostics and transmission upgrades in our repairs.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MENTION?: We are a large family of 9 siblings and our father taught us mechanics from a young age.

Congratulations again to Luis Alvarado! ATRA is proud of his dedication and commitment to excellence in the transmission industry. Professional development is a key factor for all successful shops. ATRA provides a variety of training, workshops, and continuing education programs to help members enhance their skills and knowledge. For more information about how to become ATRA Master Certified, go to: https://members.atra.com/certifications

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