Shop Profile - September - 2023

Transcending Challenges – Transformation Alongside the Empowered Team at Mister Transmission

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

In the heart of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, a transmission shop stands as a testament to the steadfast human spirit and the power of determination. At the helm of Mister Transmission is Chris Kennedy, a man whose life journey mirrors his career’s evolution. From humble beginnings to the heights of entrepreneurial success, Chris’s story is one of physical and spiritual transformation, a narrative that echoes Winston Churchill’s words of courage and persistence.

Chris Kennedy’s story defies conventional norms. Cutting his high school journey short after the 10th grade, he initiated his automotive adventure in Aurora, Ontario, commencing his career in the skilled trade by joining Chrysler. Eight years spent at the company revealed his innate talent for rebuilding transmissions, and with each passing year, his skills sharpened. As the new millennium approached, the frustration with stagnating income made Chris question his path. He found himself at a crossroads, contemplating a leap of faith that would forever alter his life’s trajectory.

In a twist of fate, at a location only 30 minutes from his home, the unemployment office became the unlikely birthplace of Chris’s journey with Mister Transmission. A conversation with a persuasive lady at the office convinced him to explore new horizons, leading him to this newfound opportunity. Closer to home and armed with his rebuilding skills, Chris joined the Mister Transmission family, embracing the belief that the transmission industry held untapped potential waiting to be discovered by younger generations.

Chris’s initial years at Mister Transmission in Ontario were a period of growth and mentorship. Under the guidance of the owner, Bob, he honed his technical skills and absorbed invaluable business expertise. Despite being the least experienced among his peers, Chris’s charisma and interpersonal skills became his greatest assets.

The Vice President of Mister Transmission, Randy Moore, noticed Chris’s potential and identified Chris as an entrepreneur in the making. This transformative encounter planted the seeds of ownership, a dream he’d never considered. Randy became a lifelong mentor to Chris and provided Chris with motivation when he felt like giving up.

Important moments of guidance and mentorship played a significant role in his success. One such pivotal point occurred when Randy facilitated his attendance at ATRA’s Powertrain Expo—an opportunity that would pave the way for many transformative experiences. Chris was captivated after hearing Rodger Bland’s engaging presentation.

The Expo introduced Chris to a community dedicated to nurturing transmission expertise and cultivated a sense of camaraderie within the ATRA network, expanding his mentorship circle. Among the mentors who profoundly impacted his journey was Dennis Madden. Chris’s introduction to Dennis took place during a seminar sponsored by Mister Transmission. This unexpected encounter marked the start of a mentor-mentee relationship that guided Chris through the demanding yet life-changing chapters of his personal and professional growth.

With the support of his father-in-law, Gene, and continuous encouragement from Randy, Chris took a leap of faith into the world of business ownership. Chris moved across the country to purchase the Mister Transmission in Moncton. Little did he know that this decision would serve as a series of challenges, testing his determination and pushing him to his limits.

The transition to shop ownership was far from smooth, beginning with the previous owner’s initial foreclosure of the building. The struggle to secure a new location tested Chris’s determination. However, he navigated the turbulence with resilience, transforming the shop into a haven of expertise and dedication.

However, in the face of personal adversity, Chris’s true strength was revealed. A cancer diagnosis became a catalyst for spiritual awakening. But he confronted his fears and bitterness head-on.

As Chris battled lymphoma and thymus gland cancer, he turned to unconventional approaches for healing. The experience became a transformative journey, not just physically but spiritually. Chris delved into Eastern medicine and holistic healing practices in his search for answers. He realized that his bitterness and fear were the roots of his illness. Determined to address these underlying issues, he embarked on his path of self-discovery and personal growth. Garrison therapy, intravenous vitamins, and a focus on positivity became integral parts of his healing journey.

One day while singing Christian songs at a sauna, a profound question echoed in his mind. “Chris, do you want to be well?” He was a bit startled but responded with, “Yes, God, of course, I want to be well.” Without hesitation, a voice responded, “Then, you are well.” This introspective moment marked the beginning of his spiritual exploration.

His connection with God deepened, leading him to rely on his newfound spiritual guidance. Chris embraced meditation, mindfulness, and positive affirmations to rewrite his narrative. His faith in the mind-body connection solidified as his body responded positively to this holistic approach. A profound realization dawned upon him. He held the power to transform his life by shifting his perspective and beliefs.

Armed with his spiritual revelations and a renewed sense of purpose, Chris emerged from his battle with cancer stronger than ever. Against conventional medical advice, he returned to work. He returned to the shop with renewed vigor and a commitment to his team’s success. Chris’s business intellect, paired with his newfound spiritual wisdom, allowed him to implement changes that propelled his business forward.

A key component of Mister Transmission’s success lies in the exceptional individuals who form its backbone. Leveraging the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic closures, Chris harnessed the opportunity to train a new generation of young technicians, fortifying his shop’s foundation for the future.

Chris is proud of this team, stating, “I built a team that I knew we had to build in this aging industry. I knew I had the skills, and I was able to teach people. I had Randy Moore and Dennis Madden in my corner – all these great men in my corner, and I was able to conquer the world.”

Chris’s dedication to his team is evident in the individuals who have become integral parts of the shop’s story.

  • Joe is the lead rebuilder whose dedication and passion have been a driving force for four years since he was only 18 and fresh out of high school. Joe’s commitment exemplifies the potential of young minds when nurtured with the right guidance.
  • Alex is a technician who had a unique beginning at the shop. At 24 years old, he took a Jeep trip out east to meet Chris. His love for electrical work and his willpower led him to join the team, bringing an energy and skill set that perfectly complemented the shop’s vision.
  • Kirk is the shop foreman and diagnostician, and his experience and knowledge have been pivotal in steering the team toward success. His role goes beyond the technical aspects, as his leadership and mentorship inspire growth and camaraderie.
  • Harrison is another dedicated technician. His commitment to his craft has been instrumental in shaping the shop’s identity. His passion for his work confirms the transformative power of a shared purpose.
  • Janna is the central manager. With a background in psychology and her college classes disrupted by the pandemic, Janna found her way to the Mister Transmission team. Her journey exemplifies the team’s commitment to growth, as she has adeptly navigated pandemic challenges while showcasing her potential to evolve into a future shop owner.
  • Marcus, the most recent team member, is a testament that you can find young people today to consider the transmission repair industry a career move worth shooting for.

Their accomplishments have substantiated Chris’s philosophy that inspiring and empowering his team yields exponential growth. This “youngest team” within Mister Transmission in Canada proves that age is not a limitation when passion, mentorship, and a shared vision drive success.

With his wife Kimberly at his side, their partnership embodies the strength and unity that has propelled their journey forward. The legacy of Mister Transmission in Moncton is a testament to their shared dedication and unbreakable bond. Through challenges and triumphs, their partnership has been the bedrock upon which success was built, echoing the sentiment that true victory is often a collaborative effort.

Today, the embodiment of Chris Kennedy’s incredible voyage of physical and spiritual transformation is evident in his thriving enterprise, Mister Transmission. Chris’s narrative serves as proof of an individual’s ability to surmount any obstacle, epitomized by his steadfast motto, “Unwillingness to accept defeat is the entrepreneurial spirit.” His story reminds us that even amidst the darkest moments, the human spirit can shine brightly with resilience and determination.