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TCRA Is Off! To Louisville

TCRA to Louisville featured image

This year, the Torque Converter Rebuilders Association (TCRA) will be in the land of bluegrass… both the famous sod and the home of an amazing category of country music.

Because this year, the TCRA seminar program will be held at the Marriot Louisville Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky, April 26-27, 2019, a beautiful venue right in the heart of Louisville, a town made famous by the Louisville Slugger baseball bats and probably the most famous horserace in history: the Kentucky Derby.

What’s more, you’ll be right in the heart of bluegrass country, where Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys introduced an entirely new — and uniquely American! — form of musical entertainment, along with such revered musicians as Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. For some, Kentucky is the Mecca of great music.

So this might be another terrific year to mix a little business with pleasure, and bring your whole family out for a few extra days of sightseeing adventure, while you build your business contacts and learn a few things that are sure to pay off in your shop. It’s a win-win for you and your entire family!

The Marriot Louisville — home for this year’s program — is about 15 minutes from Louisville International Airport (SDF). While the hotel doesn’t offer its own shuttles to and from the airport, you can hire an Uber or Lyft for about $10 to $15.

If you’re a torque converter rebuilder, there’s really no reason to explain why you need to attend the TCRA event: This is where you get a first look at the latest advances in torque converter repair techniques, and keep up to date on your business.

But what about transmission techs who don’t rebuild converters? Is there any reason they should attend the TCRA event? As it turns out, yes, there is. And there’s never been a better year for it.

That’s because this year’s industry tour is through the Jasper Engines and Transmissions in Jasper, IN. Here you’ll see how they handle the devices and systems you’re already familiar with: the transmission, transfer case, and differential. But you’ll also get a firsthand look into the “black box” of the powertrain: the torque converter.

And, during the following day’s presentation, you can count on learning about the drive problems that often appear to be a faulty torque converter… but aren’t. You’ll learn how to recognize those problems, how to diagnose them, and how to correct them. And, maybe most importantly, how not to blame them on the torque converter!

That’s an important part of the TCRA seminars: To help you get a clear view of which problems aren’t caused by the torque converter, and which ones could be. The TCRA annual seminar program is one of the best places for the two sides of the transmission-torque converter world to meet and share their experiences in a forum designed to help both industries become more successful… technically and financially.

So, if your business is important to you, whether you’re a torque converter rebuilder or a transmission shop, the TCRA seminar program is where you need to be.

After the Jasper tour, there’s a short Member meeting, then a reception hosted by Sonnax. And the evening will end early enough for you to go out for a sumptuous dinner before you get some shuteye prior to the following day’s lessons.

Tech speakers at this year’s program include Ed Lee, Bob Warnke, Mike Souza, Mike Cargill, and Chris Horbach. And you’ll learn about business and industry trends from GEARS Managing Editor Rodger Bland and TD Publisher Bobby Mace.

So the real question you need to ask yourself is, just how serious are you about your business… and your industry? Because, if you’re truly serious, you need to be at the TCRA seminar program on April 26 and 27.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this year’s TCRA seminar program will be right in the heart of Kentucky, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory, and Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. And, for those of you with good taste in music, it’s the land of bluegrass. This is your chance to kill two birds with one stone: Help build a better industry, and have a great time in the heart of the Bluegrass State.

So, if you’re truly serious about building a better business model for your future, you need to reserve your place at this year’s annual TCRA seminar program, at the Marriot Louisville Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky, April 26 and 27. Don’t wait: Sign up today online at www.tcraonline.com.