Other Articles - October/November - 2015

Stop Ignoring Your Social Media Accounts… Now.

What do you regularly do when you go online? Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t frequently perusing your doctor’s website in your downtime.

Just like you don’t check your doctor’s website that often, your customers aren’t constantly checking their transmission shop’s website. Ranking well organically and running paid advertisements are still very much necessary, but when it comes to having an effective, comprehensive online presence for your transmission business, you can no longer rely solely on your website. Your business needs to be visible where your customers and potential customers naturally spend their online time on social media.

Social Media Influences Your Customers’ Buying Decisions

Numerous studies have shown that customers are more likely to trust and try out businesses that have an active social media presence. In fact, according to Forbes, 81% of research respondents said recommendations and posts from people they know directly impacted their buying decisions. Additionally, 78% of people said posts from companies influence those decisions. This data shows how important it is to not only be active on social media through posting, but also to engage with your customers, so they become advocates for your transmission shop. The Millennial generation is quickly becoming the generation with the most buying power, and you better believe they are active in social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ these are the “Big 3” social accounts that your shop should be present on. Does your business already have these pages? That’s great! Are you actively posting and interacting with customers through them? If the answer to the second question is no, that may be an even bigger problem than simply not having them.

Remaining Active on Your Social Accounts is Vital for Success

It’s not enough just to have social pages, you have to be active on them. In addition to posting regularly, you must remember that social media is a conversation with your customers, so make sure you’re responding when people ask you questions, send you messages, or leave reviews.

In the transmission industry, social media is best used to stay in front of and engage with clients, making it as much of a customer retention and recommendation tool as a tool for customer acquisition. Remember that social media is about the people and starting a conversation with them. It provides your transmission business with an opportunity for higher brand awareness by providing shareable content for your fans to engage with and driving more people to your website.

With your social media goals in mind, remember that being present on social platforms means you have to communicate with people the way they want to be communicated with in this space. Your shop’s posts should not be entirely selfserving. You need to have good mix of them, always keeping your target audience in mind. A combination of happenings at your shop, helpful car care tips, and funny images can provide value to your customers and allow them to see your shop’s personality, which will differentiate you from other shops in the area. Social media can be very powerful in building a loyal customer base.

Here’s How to Find Time for Social Media

While setting up social media accounts is something most anyone can do, it becomes much more important to consistently engage with your customers on those platforms. This is where many people stumble when it comes to social media because it requires time; time that a busy transmission shop owner probably doesn’t have a lot of.

Learning how to properly utilize social media for your business can be a lot to take in. So, if you have any questions about social media, stop by and visit booth #322 at the Powertrain Expo to speak with the Autoshop Solutions team. One of their specialists will be happy to talk and answer any of your questions!

A Message From the Publisher

Ever notice a group of millennials sitting around? What do you notice them doing? Right, they’re texting on their phone. They might even be texting to one of their friends right next to them. As difficult as it is for us baby boomers to understand, it’s important that we do. So here’s a couple of thoughts: When you get to Powertrain Expo make sure you sit in on Bill Haas’ presentation on Thursday. He’ll explain this topic of generation differences in great detail. Yeah, millennials may still seem a bit odd to you but you’ll have a great start in understanding them better. It’ll pay off when they’re your customer.

If you haven’t created the social media accounts lined out in the article, do it now! Business names, especially more common ones, go quickly. If your business name hasn’t been taken already you’ll want to secure it. If you’re not up to the task have your kid do it.

Consider printing some “After-the Business cards”. Here, you have an opportunity to thank your customer again and list your social media links.

If you don’t have time to do all of this, hire someone. It’s that important.