The Revenue Growth Habit |  August - 2016

Revenue Growth Truths

You deserve more revenue. Because you do great work. You help your customers a great deal. They’re very happy. That’s why they’ve been coming to you for years, and sometimes decades. Sure, sometimes they’re upset, but that’s life.

If you zoom out from the individual problem, your customers are thrilled with you. You save them time. You save them money. Your reliability helps them sleep at night. Your great work allows them to focus on other important tasks. As such, they deserve more of your help. And more people like them — your prospects — deserve to enjoy your value.

And you deserve to have your sales grow. So does your family, which supports you. So do your customers, your prospects, and your vendors, all of whom wish to work with a thriving, successful organization, as opposed to a struggling, contracting one.

You deserve more revenue because you do great work, your customers are very happy, and they’d like to benefit more from your value.

Your customers only know about a small fraction of what you offer. Customers niche you into being a provider only of what they buy from you. Just because you tell them you do other things doesn’t mean they know you do those other things.

How many times has a customer told you, “I didn’t know you did that,” when you’ve already told them about that very thing? So you must systematically tell people about everything they can buy from you. It’s impossible to over communicate. There’s no such thing as telling people too much about the different things they can buy from you.

So tell them. Tell them on the phone. Tell them by email. Tell them in person. Tell them by snail mail. Just tell them.

You aren’t lucky when your customer chooses you or picks up the phone when you call. The customer is lucky to have you. This is how to think. You need confidence and boldness to improve sales quickly. You aren’t intruding when you call the customer. You aren’t imposing or taking their time. You’re offering them your great value.

They’d like to have more of it. They’re buying things from your competition right now that they’d like to buy from you. Feel strong. Feel confident. And behave boldly. Your customers love you. They’re lucky to have you.

Customer testimonials make us bold. You can’t sit at your desk and decide that you’re wonderful and your customers love you, and that you’ll now think and behave accordingly. That’s really, really hard to do; maybe impossible.

If you’re an owner or a manager, you can’t simply tell your staff that they’re amazing and wonderful and ask them to behave accordingly. The way to do that is to hear how wonderful you are from your good customers… because they’ll tell you. If only you’d ask, they’d tell you.

Ask your customers what they like best about working with you. They’ll tell you. Then ask them how that helps them. They’ll tell you. Then ask them if you can use their comments in your materials. They’ll almost always say yes. Now you have the fuel to make yourself and your colleagues bolder.

Want to grow revenue? Communicate more! The more people hear from you, the more they buy from you. So let them hear from you. Systematize these communications as you would automate deposits into a savings or investment account. Assign somebody to follow up on all quotes and proposals, three times ideally.

Add a “did-you-know” question to the signature of every email. Send a good newsletter every two weeks, and pre-write several of them so you have some in the bank. You’re probably on the phone or in front of customers all day long. Don’t end a single conversation before asking the did-you-know question, or, perhaps, for a referral.

Customers want to buy more from you.

You need to help them do that.

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