Success Strategies - March - 2016

Do It Now

“No matter what your age, “Growing old takes no effort. It’s really easy to swim downstream.” (From the song, ReZoom The Boom.)

It takes absolutely no skill to lose, but that’s not what you were designed to do.

When the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s sooo easy to roll over and snooze. When you see some clutter around the shop, it’s easy to intend to straighten things up later. When there’s a customer or supplier you need to call, it’s really easy to say, “I’m not in the mood right now.”

After all, who’s going to notice?

You are.

And it matters to you… whether you realize it or not.

My friend, Sam Gross, once bought a set of solid-gold collar stays. I asked him, “Why in the world would you spend that kind of money on something that nobody will ever see?” He answered, “I’ll know they’re there, and it makes me feel prosperous.”

It’s a good point: The stays weren’t just to keep his collars straight… they were to help him feel successful. And they did.

Now I’m not recommending gold jewelry or silk underwear. I’m just saying that you’ll know when you’re living up to your desired standards, whether anyone else notices or not. And that’s important… to you.

W. Clement Stone was the owner of Combined Insurance Co., a centimillionaire, and the personal manager of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. I knew Mr. Stone and was inspired by his book, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. One of his greatest habits, one I’d recommend to you, is the habit of do it now!

Whatever task or challenge he faced, he’d drop everything if he could, and do it now. Anxious about making a phone call? Do it now! Stressed by an interruption? Do it now! Need to compliment someone but you or they are busy? Do it now.

It’s amazing how this will clean up your honey-do list at home and your when-I-get-around-to-it list at work. It’s also wonderful how much this can bring you peace of mind. No nagging tasks waiting to sabotage you… just open road ahead and lots of opportunities.

Try it this week: Just commit to yourself that, for one week (maybe more), you’ll face each task with a do-it-now! attitude. Whatever comes up:

  • A machine breaks down: Stop and call the repair tech and get them started on fixing it now.
  • Client comes back with a problem: Pause on your current job and examine the issue. It may be minor or could be delegated now.
  • Unexpected problem arises: Call the person now.
  • You screw up: Seek out the party you wronged and apologize right now.

Clear the plate, handle the issues, and take the best next step on each item right now, today, before reengaging with anything else. You’ll love the freedom that comes along with not having a list of unpleasant things to do later.

And pick up a copy of Mr. Stone’s book. Your life will be better from reading it.

Personal Standards: Hold yourself to a higher standard and you’ll upgrade your life and career. Where do you draw the line? What isn’t enough and what’s too much? Are there some things you say, “This I will never do!” or “This I will always do!”? Well, do it now!