The Revenue Growth Habit - October/November - 2016

Current Trends Affecting Your Sales Growth

We live in good and interesting times.

If you reside in America, you’re living in the most entrepreneurial country on the planet, where the amount of money you make is determined entirely by your effort and your perseverance.

Effort means doing the work, which is the opposite of avoiding, procrastinating, and perfecting. Perfection kills revenue. My most successful revenue growth clients under-perfect and over-execute. That’s because, in revenue growth, quantity trumps quality. The more our customers and prospects hear from us, the more they buy from us. We must do the work… to (briefly) plan our sales action for the week and then execute it.

Perseverance means trying again when it doesn’t work the first time. In sales, “no” never means no forever. It simply means not at this moment. I can trace millions of dollars of my own revenue to clients who first told me no. If I’d stopped at the first no, where would I be? Not here, that’s for sure.

Here are eight more trends I see taking shape in our current environment, along with my advice and experience about how to sell and market into these trends.

  1. The U.S. economy is strong and getting stronger. Operate as though your customers and prospects are expanding. And if they aren’t expanding, operate as though you’ll help them do so in our growing economy. Many of you help your customers grow, whether you realize it or not. When you free up their times, remove a concern, or fix something for them, you’re helping them grow.
  2. The media and political environment will continue to be negative. They get rewarded to make you feel terrible. Your customers will be more attracted to positivity than ever. Give people hope. Focus on how you can help them, not what you sell and do. People flock to sellers who make them feel hope and possibility. Make people feel like they can do it.
  3. Further, in this negative environment, be an island in that storm for customers and prospects. Be the safe choice. Be the reliable choice. Do what you say, and the customers will follow. (I’m constantly amazed that people find it a great surprise when we do what we say we’re going to do. Apparently this has become rare in business.)
  4. There’s been a parting in the social media seas. In sales, LinkedIn is becoming more relevant. It’s the only social media that can help you prospect and open opportunities in business-to-business sales. Equally important, I have clients who sell to consumers who also use it for prospecting. Most consumers have jobs; that’s why it works. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter are moving in the opposite direction, becoming less useful by the week, especially for business-to-business sales.
  5. In a world where everyone can shout anything at anyone, it’s easier than ever to stand out. He or she who communicates personally the most, wins. Let your customers and prospects hear from you. Call. Email. Write. FedEx. Meet. Let them see you and hear you.
  6. Along these lines, amazingly, the personal phone call is going the way of the dinosaur and Blackberry. The average salesperson spends four hours a week on the phone. Think about that: If you want to grow your sales, call customers and prospects. What do you think will happen if your phone time goes up from four hours to, say, 10 hours a week? That still leaves 75% of the workweek for non-telephone activities.
  7. With advance apologies to our young readers: There’s a laziness seeping into sales. People — especially the younger working generation — would rather tweet than have conversations. Professional sales people would rather email than call. Why? Because of fear. Telephone rejection is far more personal than email rejection. A little personal effort in the customer’s best interests will help you easily close more sales.
  8. Customers are no longer asked what’s working well. Customers are rarely asked for referrals. Customers are rarely told what else they can buy from us. Quotes are rarely followed upon. Why? Because of fear. Handle the fear, do the simple work that others aren’t doing, and you’ll instantly stand out and close more business.

Alex Goldfayn runs The Revenue Growth Consultancy, which helps companies and sales departments grow revenue quickly and easily by implementing a system of simple communication techniques. These sales and marketing techniques are welcomed by your customers and prospects, and are executable by your customer-facing staff in minutes per day. To discuss growing your business in this way, email or call Alex at 847-459-6322.
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