From the Executive Director |  June - 2024

ATRA’s 2024 Powertrain EXPO at AAPEX: Where the Future of Transmission Unveils

Imagine traveling to the automotive hub of Las Vegas, where the buzz of cutting-edge technology and the hum of thousands of attendees fill the air. In this city of constant reinvention and discovery, an event that echoes this very spirit is set to unfold — the ATRA Powertrain Expo, an indispensable fixture for the automotive industry.

For over four decades, ATRA has been at the forefront of transmission repair education and training. As we approach the 2024 Powertrain Expo, the stage is set to transform the terrain once more. This is not just another trade show; this is the pulse of an industry, the heartbeat of innovation, and the gathering of the best and brightest in the business.

Unlocking the Power of Knowledge: Training Sessions Every Day

At the core of the Powertrain Expo’s magnetism is its commitment to education. Daily training sessions have been created with precision by long standing industry veterans. Designed to both challenge and enlighten attendees on the latest advancements and best practices in the field. The line-up includes power-packed sessions such as 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10-speed Controls, Drivability Complaints and Common Failures, Diagnosing Electrical Intermittent Faults, Ford 6R80/10R80 Transmission Calibration Overview using HP Tuners Software/Hardware, ZF Generation IV 8HP Transmission: Overview and Comparison, Shift Anatomy of Modern Transmissions, Blame it on the Tuner- Part 6 and Tips and Tricks from the Builder’s Bench. These vital subjects will propel your skills to the next level.

These are more than just educational seminars though; this is a chance to master the tools and insights that will be shaping the industry for years to come. Whether you are a novice eager to learn the ropes or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your expertise, ATRA’s commitment to your growth is unwavering.

Workshops: Where Practice Meets Precision

The Powertrain EXPO is not simply an oasis for theoretical learning. It takes attendees by the hand and guides them through practical applications that offer a hands-on experience no other classroom can replicate. Joe’s Garage offers immersive workshops that will fuse theory with the touch of real-world applications.

These experiences are built specifically for the technician working on transmissions. From diagnosing, servicing, and reprogramming, to replacing or rebuilding. The Powertrain EXPO brings this all to life.

Networking: Forge Connections, Build Futures

In the vast landscape of the AAPEX show floor, amidst the booths and the banners, pulses an intangible currency that is traded with every handshake and every shared insight — the power of connection. The Powertrain EXPO adds an invaluable academic forum; it’s a thriving networking ecosystem where individuals converge to not just share knowledge but to forge alliances that transform businesses.

From one-on-one discussions with industry pioneers to group forums where ideologies clash and coexist, the networking opportunities are as boundless as the desert sky. Here, the seeds of collaborations are sown, where shared passions often lead to shared success.

Gear Up for Excellence at ATRA’s Powertrain EXPO 2024

The Powertrain EXPO is more than an event; it’s the embodiment of a collective dream, a platform that celebrates the pursuit of excellence in transmission repair. With a convergence of training, workshops, and networking opportunities, it is the place to experience the power of knowledge, the precision of practice, and the potential of partnership.

Mark your calendars, set your GPS, and ensure you’re well-positioned for the future of our industry. At the Powertrain EXPO, the automotive industry gears up for brilliance, not just for Las Vegas, but for the miles ahead. Make your presence known, and join the transmission of change.

For further updates and event specifics, stay tuned to ATRA and APPEX official channels and witness the assembly of the finest minds in the automotive trade, coming together to celebrate what powers our world – the Powertrain.

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