Other Articles - May - 2017

ATRA Technician Certification Program

Calling this a certification program might be selling ourselves short, because it’s much more than that. The ATRA certification program is actually a complete educational curriculum. It includes all the resources you need to pass the tests, but it’s also filled with all the background information you need to take your place as a leader in the automatic transmission repair industry.

The program consists of 12 individual categories, each one covering a critical part of your job as a transmission technician. Not all of the tests apply to each certification, and several cross over from one certification to the next.

Your best bet is to choose the certification level you’d like to earn first, and begin with the tests that apply. Take a test, and then use your results to help guide your training. Then, once you’ve filled in the blanks in your education, take the test again.

Once you’ve passed a test, move on to the next, until you’ve attained your first goal. Then you can decide which goal you should head toward next.

Once you’ve passed all 12 individual tests, you’re ready to climb to the pinnacle of the industry with the final test: the master certification. That should be a breeze for you, because the master certification test is a combination of the most important data from each of the other programs.

Once you’ve earned your master certification, you’ll receive a beautiful wooden plaque and a press release to send to your local newspapers. Enjoy the pride of accomplishing the most difficult, most inclusive certification in the industry: You’ve earned it!

Rebuilder Specialty Certification

What does it take to be an ATRA certified rebuilder? You’ll need a thorough understanding of the hydraulic operation of the transmission, along with the mechanical aspects that make it work. You’ll need a basic understanding of electrical systems, along with a complete familiarity with rebuild techniques.

Those are the programs you’ll have to pass to earn your ATRA rebuilder specialty certification. There’s a lot to rebuilding today’s transmissions, and the folks at ATRA worked overtime to create a complete program that demands a thorough understanding of each of the individual systems that makes today’s transmissions operate.

It’s a big job, but carrying an ATRA rebuilders’ certification is a big responsibility. And, once you’ve earned your ATRA rebuilder certification, you’ll be ready to tackle any transmission that hits your bench.

Chassis Technician Specialty Certification

What is a chassis technician? It used to be what we’d call an R&R tech. But today’s chassis technicians are so much more than just someone who can pull a transmission or pop it back in.

You need a clear understanding of basic electrical systems, and a familiarity with the components that relate to it.

Even more important on today’s cars, you need a clear understanding of the safety procedures for working in a shop. And, if you’re going to work on today’s hybrids, there’s a whole series of unique safety precautions you need to be familiar with, too.

These programs cover everything you need to know to be comfortable with basic diagnosis and repair procedures, and to remove and replace the transmission safely and effectively.

Diagnostician Technician Specialty Certification

These days there’s no one more important in a transmission repair shop than the diagnostic technician. An accurate diagnosis makes the entire job easier and more profitable; without it, and you’re just throwing money at the car, hoping something will stick.

As a diagnostician, you need to be versed in every level of electrical operation, and you need a clear understanding of computer systems and driveability diagnosis. You’ll need to know more than just what to check: You need a clear understanding of how things work.

ATRA’s diagnostic certification will stretch you to your limits. You’ll have to be able to prove that you have the understanding of the systems in today’s cars, along with a thorough familiarity with diagnostic strategy.

It’s not much wonder that the diagnostic certification has so many categories: The entire shop depends on the work you do. An accurate diagnosis makes everyone’s job easier… and more profitable. Take full advantage of the programs available in the diagnostic certification: Your job — and everyone else’s — depends on you.

Master Certification

So you’ve passed every individual program in the list. You should feel pretty good about yourself… but you aren’t quite done yet. Now’s the time to put it all on the line… to prove you’re the very best of the best.

Now’s the time to earn your master certification. This is where you get to reestablish your claim as a specialist in every category in the program.

The master certification is a demanding test that pushes you to the limit of your understanding. You’ll have to prove that you have a firm grasp on the concepts that make up every individual category within ATRA’s certification program. It’s where you get to prove that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to today’s automotive technology.

Once you pass the master certification test, you’ll be able to claim your prize. You’re at the top of your game… a leader in the transmission world. Climb to the top of the mountain and shout it to the world: You’re the very best this industry has to offer.

And you won’t have to do it alone: We’ll do it with you, by providing you with an exquisite wooden plaque to hang on your office wall, and a press release to send to your local newspaper. This is your time to shine, and we’re right with you, to sing your praises to the entire world. Congratulations on a job well done!