Other Articles |  May - 2020

Answering the Call

Transmission industry leaders are answering President Trump’s call for all hands on deck to fight the war against COVID-19. Alto Products and ETE REMAN are helping our country’s healthcare workers and first responders by dedicating part of their production capacity to the cause.

In addition to transforming their entire organization into a safety-first environment, Alto has converted a portion of its production line to make shields that prolong the use of the N95 face masks. David Landa says, “We started production of the N95 Mask Shields for our own use, but we’ve already donated several thousand to local hospitals and first responders in Atmore and Pensacola. We have the capacity to produce several thousand per day, and we’re looking for other areas in need of these shields.”

Likewise, ETE REMAN has instituted safety protocols for its employee team and customers. The company is using distancing and ETE-branded face masks as well as allowing as many office staff to work from home as possible. Their facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily by a specialized cleaning company. Additionally, a local catering company brings in lunches every day to minimize exposure and reward the team for their loyal participation through this crisis.

Like Alto, ETE REMAN is also giving back to the community. They’ve donated thousands of their ETE-branded facemasks to first responders and frontline healthcare professionals. Marketing Manager, Andee Fromm explains, “It’s a really challenging time for everyone – our nation, the world, our communities, and for our company. A lot has changed, but we feel so strongly that we’re up to the task. We’ve always been a little guy at heart and always willing to adapt. Today is a really proud day to work for ETE REMAN!”

No doubt, there are many more companies in our industry, suppliers and shops alike, who are reaching beyond the walls of their businesses to offer support of all kinds. We’re each a part of a great industry – not just because we’re great at fixing cars, but because we’re an industry with a heart of gold.

Our industry is humble too. Neither Alto nor ETE REMAN approached us to write this story. We heard about it through the grapevine. Otherwise this would have flown under the radar, as I’m sure is the case with many others like them – maybe even you. To borrow from Andee’s above comment, today is a proud day to be a part of our industry!

We at GEARS and ATRA salute, thank and honor each and every one of you for standing in the ready to serve your customers during these trying times, and especially those of you who are graciously supporting your communities by volunteering in other ways. If any of you know of someone that deserves special recognition, please contact us at GEARS Magazine or the ATRA IBO. In the meantime, let’s all look for ways to answer the call for all hands on deck.