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3 Ways to Build Trust Through Your Online Presence

In any industry, trust is incredibly important. In the transmission industry, that trust is vital in gaining new business. Historically, so much of this industry’s business came from word-of-mouth.

With the introduction and rise of things like Google and social media, the concept of “word-of-mouth” still exists in a big way — it’s simply grown to include them. From online reviews to recommendations, you need to make sure your shop is building trust online, in addition to in the shop of course.

Here are three ways you can build trust online:

1. Educate Your Customers

It can be very intimidating to have an issue with a vehicle when you don’t know what might be wrong or how expensive it’s going to be to fix it. That’s why educating your customers is so important in helping to build trust.

You can take many approaches to educate your customers. Offering them tips on how they can better maintain their vehicles in between visits can help. You can also provide them with indicators that it’s time to schedule an appointment. Sometimes a customer doesn’t even know something might be wrong, but giving them a few warning signs of trouble can help them see you’re trying to help.

Another way is to give them insight into what your technicians are doing when they’re working on their vehicles. It can be very helpful and empowering to the customer to see what the problem was and the kind of work that goes into fixing it. Blogs and social media are two great opportunities to do this.

Providing your customers with knowledge can help not only empower them, but also build your credibility.

2. Improve Your Online Reputation

With the rise of online reviews, your transmission shop’s online reputation isn’t something you can ignore. Having good reviews — and lots of them — can not only help your shop stand out from the competition, but it can also help you establish trust with existing and potential customers.

Increasing the number of reviews is important, but responding to them — the good and the not-so-good — can be even more important. How you respond to a negative review can shape the way people think about your shop. Are you defensive or are you polite? Do you try to understand, or do you accuse them of lying?

We’ve seen it all, but responding with a well-crafted, level-headed response can show that you take all opinions and concerns seriously. Think of it as speaking to potential customers instead of directly responding to someone who might have misunderstood a situation.

Getting your employees to ask customers in the shop to leave reviews is a really simple yet effective way to gain more.

3. Maintain an Online Presence Across Many Platforms

Like it or not, in this day and age, accessibility and convenience are two things your customers (and potential customers) are taking into account when choosing a shop. Building trust is important, but they have to find you for you to start that relationship.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain an online presence wherever your customers are. From having an active social media presence to being found on Google (preferably in more than one place), and ultimately having a professional, easy-to-navigate website — all of these are important in fostering a relationship built on trust.

Bonus: Make the in-person interactions genuine. Building trust is becoming more and more important, but ultimately, you still can’t beat the relationships you can build and foster once they get into your shop — or even just on the phone! Be attentive on the phone, be thorough with your estimates, and be realistic with timelines.

These steps are all vital in building trust with your customers. Your transmission shop does good work, and it’s time that people know it!