Mike Souza
Mike Souza
Mike Souza is a contributing editor for GEARS Magazine. He’s currently a tech advisor for Seal Aftermarket Products. Mike got his start in the industry as a transmission installer over 35 years ago. He worked his way up as a rebuilder and then became a technical advisor for a number of technical service companies, including nine years on the ATRA HotLine as a senior technical advisor. In his time with ATRA, Mike delivered seminars, created technical bulletins, and wrote a wide variety of articles for GEARS. Now, as a technical advisor for Sealed Aftermarket Products, Mike continues to help educate the industry, writing bulletins, articles, and bench manuals and delivering live workshops and seminars around the world.
It Started Out As a Dream
When you teach a seminar every year in the same city, you get to meet some interesting people, and some of them become friends, like John Bozzi (figure 1) of Trans-O-Matic in West Irving Park, just outside of Chicago (figure 2). John was a veteran of the industry for over 60 years; he passed away […]

Just One, Not-So-Minor Detail Overlooked! Using the Right Oil Matters
When a later-than-usual model arrives at your shop, the first thing you think of is, are there any updates we should be aware of? You check for parts and software updates online or through past seminar books and magazine articles, looking for the slightest parts change to identify what you’re working with. Then you remove […]

Something New Just Got Easier
While working on later model Nissan vehicles equipped with the RE0F10D CVT (figure 1), you’ll notice they’re using a much heavier push belt compared to the earlier model RE0F10A CVT (figure 2). The late model RE0F10E/ H/J CVTs now use a chain instead of a push belt. Everything still works the same; they just use […]

The Jatco CVT "Power Glide"
Jatco has been making CVTs since the early 1990s. The list of makes and models throughout the world that use a Jatco CVT would take up at least four magazine pages. We’ll mainly be discussing Nissan vehicles in this article, since they seem to be the most common on the ATRA HotLine. The RE0F06A (those […]

A Service Isn’t Just a Service Anymore
Back when the first quick lube facility started showing up, my first thought was that this is going to affect our business. Customers will go these shops to save money for not only engine oil changes, but also transmission services. It can also open a can of worms for the transmission industry. One of these […]

New But Familiar: Introducing the New Mercedes Benz 7G DCT
Mercedes Benz technology is usually a little ahead of its time, so, when I heard Mercedes was using a new direct shift gearbox, I thought, “well it’s about time.” Let’s face it: DSG transmissions have been out for quite a while. This new Mercedes DSG (figure 1) is designated the 7G DCT (dual clutch transmission 724.0; […]

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
I was doing some research at a local shop one day while they were working on a late model Toyota Camry equipped with a 2.5L, 4-cylinder engine and a U760E transmission. The transmission was slipping on takeoff and the fluid was burnt. They pulled the unit, disassembled it, and there it was: The C1 forward/C2 […]

Just a Little Too Much
A bolt just 2mm too long created a problem that nearly cost a customer the price of a new 6L80 transmission. When a vehicle comes into your shop right after being worked on somewhere else, doesn’t it make you just a little nervous? That’s what happened with this late model Chevy truck with a 6L80 […]

Want or Need? It's Time to Make Your List!
With the holidays just around the corner, it’d be nice to have all the tools you want. But it’s more cost effective and efficient to make sure you have the tools you need. Time is money, so spending your money wisely to save time is much more profitable. Buying the proper tools will save you […]