ATRA’s Powertrain Expo Speaker Spotlight: Stephen Spurlock and Bill Anthony/Tony Gonyon

Don’t miss the ATRA Powertrain Expo, the premier event for transmission repair professionals, taking place in Nashville, TN from October 25th to the 29th. Featured Technical speakers:

Stephen Spurlock:  OEM Transmission Programming: Thursday, 7:30AM – 9:30AM

Learn how use OEM Scan Tools (domestic vehicles) for transmission programming.  This class will guide you through the entire process from creating an account, installing the software, and programming the transmissions.

Bill Anthony/Tony Gonyon:  Introduction to Transmission Calibrations Using HP Tuners Editor and Diagnostics Software with the MPVI3: Thursday, 9:45AM – 11:45AM

In this Seminar we will go over a basic understanding of how and why to make changes to improve durability and performance of a transmission unit by introducing the HP Tuners Editor and Scanner software which allows the end user to view Emissions Monitor checks for completion, diagnose, read, modify, and write, using the Editor software with the MPVI3, through the vehicles OBDII Port.

Transmission Calibrations such as Convertor lockup, slip, shift points, torque management, shift pressures, and of course Speedometer calibrations are easily calibrated using the Editor/ Scanner Software and then using the Scanner software to verify these calibrations are being completed as commanded results in less troubleshooting time, the transmission working properly, reducing warranty claims and comebacks, and a satisfied customer base.

The goal is understanding these functions using HP Tuners Hardware and Software.

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