Goerend One Way Roller Clutch Comparison

Stators are only as strong as their weakest link. Other aftermarket converter manufacturers may use a billet stator, but will also use the weak factory one-way roller clutch designed for stock horsepower applications. The stock factory inner and outer races that make up the one-way roller clutch can barely hold up to stock conditions and can easily crack or strip out in medium to high horsepower applications. When this happens, the stator will start to freewheel and the converter will lose all torque multiplication. A damaged stator race will also greatly reduce vehicle drivability.

Torque converters with our billet aluminum stator also are built with lugged outer races that will not strip out. Both the inner and outer races are wider and more substantial than OE to increase surface area and holding power, while preventing cracking failure. The steel outer ring is pinned to the stator, preventing it from being displaced and destroying the converter.

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