The Gears What’s Working and Fixit forums are a terrific way to share business and technical information with other transmission-repair professionals.

If you are a consumer, please go to the ATRA Consumer site. An ATRA technician will contact you regarding your questions.

The GEARS forums are list serve-style forums; you ask a question or make a comment, and the forum broadcasts it to the rest of the forum subscribers… with a few added features.  It works just like e-mailing your friends and colleagues.

Want to be notified any time someone posts? Only specific subjects? Once a week? Once a month? No problem! You choose the settings for when you want to be notified. Limit your notification to certain subjects, or take it all in.  Gears Online offers two different forums:

  1. The “fixit” forum for technical discussions.
  2. The “what’s working” forum for business and management discussions.


To get started: complete the form below.  Once approved you’ll receive an e-mail with links and instructions.